15 Inspired Ideas For Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Adults And Kids

Ideas for christmas stocking stuffers - 3 stockings in front of hearth

I've compiled 15 awesome ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers for adults and kids alike, and I would wager, that every homesteader or survivalist would enjoy. And if you're not in either category, no matter. These great stocking fillers are good for anyone.

The Lansky as shown in the pic opposite is a great little blade sharpener that you can use in the kitchen, the garden, or out in the woods.

It won't totally replace a good quality honing stone, but it will certainly get you out of trouble. And at less than $10, it's a steal. 

A good sharp knife is always handy. Not for the subway or dark alley, but for the garden, for camping, for those little jobs that just NEEDS a knife.

The Opinel is a really sturdy little unit, the basic design hasn't changed since the 1890's, which to my mind, proves it's efficiency and usefulness. The handle is Beech, which is a hard and beautiful wood, just look at the image, it's a class act, and it's not expensive either. Love it!

Pressure canners aren't super cheap, and you'll need a pretty big stocking to stuff it in, but they are a really cool investment, and last for years, perhaps even a lifetime.

This Presto model is ideal for beginners or the veteran canner who loves to preserve. Ideal for the homesteader or survivalist looking to create some stores for when the end of the world comes, or The Donald goes to war with North Korea!

I own a couple of these, and take them when I go camping. They are a definite no-brainewr for camping, hiking, or any situation where you may need fresh water.

Super low cost, fits in a bag or backpack with ease, I certainly wouldn't be without one, just for piece of mind if nothing else.

I have one of these too, picked it up a couple of years back when I took the family to a festival down in Cornwall. It works great to charge smartphones and tablets.

My daughter went on a Camps International trip to Equador this year, away for a month and she found it a godsend to keep her phone charged to maintain contact. Well worth the purchase.

Wind up flashlights and radios are excellent. A great gift for the kids, who love this sort of thing, but also supremely useful for us adults.

This one also has a DC 5V built in USB port for charging cell phones and other compatible devices. I love this, multi-functional and stocking compatible 🙂

Everyone needs a multi-tool right? And Leatherman are one of the big names in high quality multitools.

These bad boys used to cost an arm and a leg (which you could saw off if you got a tool with the right attachments), but no more. They are truly affordable, and the Wingman is an excellent, compact example. Great for the boys or gals alike. One of the best Christmas stocking stuffers for those with a practical streak.

For the avid camper, or kid who likes to build camp fires in the back yard, this fire starting kit is a godsend.

Branded for the ex-British special forces he-man himself, Bear Grylls, this is a great little stocking filler. Just don't use it indoors 🙂

Everyone needs a shovel at some point. Well, perhaps not everyone. Politicians spend a lot of their lives digging holes for themselves, but this foldable army-style shovel isn't going to dig them out.

But, if you like to four-wheel drive, clear snow or camp, a shovel is a great little tool to have with you. This one's remarkably good value too.

If you don't trust yourself with the Bear Grylls fire starting kit, or just want a backup plan, these stormproof matches and water-tight storage case are just the job.

Lightable under the worst of climatic conditions, these could be the difference between freezing your wotsits off, or enjoying a warm and cozy camp fire.

We should all know how to use a compass. I think it is a vital skill that is dying, for all but the most avid orienteers.

Map skills are life skills, and this is a great pressie for the kids, to get them interested in how to navigate. Many of us adults could do with learning those skills too. DO IT!

Winter is upon us, and a cool beanie and scarf set is a fab Christmas present IMHO.

This Kata set is really nice, I love the fact that the scarf isn't a traditional scarf, but a neck warmer that won't slip of undo.

Both hat and scarf have a soft fleece lining to keep even the chilliest of people snug and cozy.

My brother bought me a spiralizer a couple of Christmas's ago. I didn't use it for quite a while. Now I love it!

It's freakin' awesome for making zuchinni or squash spaghetti, for other vegetable pastas, for salad prep and for fruit preparation too.

Kids love it, it's a great way to make veggies look attractive, and to get them into the tums of the little ones.

The homesteader is all about maximizing efficiency, without having a ton of modern gadgets. A good knife, a sharp axe and you're good to go.

To keep your blades in tip-top condition, a descent duel-grit sharpening stone is essential. This one is affordable, has a ton of good user feedback and will keep your sharp things sharp all year round.

Includes Glass Weights, Vegetable Pounder and Silicone Airlocks. This is a great gift for someone who is getting into fermentation.

If your loved one is a fermentiing wizard already, they might prefer a real German water-sealed crock. I wrote about the best fermenting crock posts HERE.

Well, what a lot of great gifts. I was originally going to title this page as 'stocking fillers for adults', but with a little bit of searching on Google, I realised that I'd have to focus on chocolate penises and edible underwear! I'm not saying homesteaders are prudes, we like to eat some edible knickers like the next man/woman, but I wanted to focus on stuff that was really useful, as well as a great gift. I hope I succeeded.

That's it, stocking stuffer ideas for him, her, they, zee, zir and everyone else in between.

Merry Christmas One And All!

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