How to Get Rid Of Termites in Walls

Termites can be a real bother if left unattended; they can devastate your house if ignored. They work in numbers, and it does not take the long to chew through a structural beam, thus leading to extensive damages. Look for a termite inspector regularly to come and inspect the house, arrest the problem as early as possible.

Dealing with termites in your walls is not an easy task and generally will need a pest control professional to deal with the situation. This can, if left too long, run into several thousand dollars or more to fix. So it’s definitely prudent to keep on top of your home maintenance if you live in a termite prone area.

Signs Of Termites In Walls Infestation

It’s vital to learn the signs as early as possible. Key factors to look out for:

Winged termite swarm – when you see a swarm of winged termites around your house, chances are the termite colony is near. Just like their counterparts winged ants, this type of ants loves to roam around near light sources. They have a broad waist and straight antennae.

Discarded wings – termites don’t live long with their wings. After some time, they shed off their wings and begin to build new nests.

Mud tubes – termites build little tunnels commonly known as mud tubes to help transport food to the colony. You will mostly see these tubes at the foundation of the house or in the substructure of the house.

Termite’s galleries– this is the most extensive damage of chewing through wood caused by termites. The subterranean termites mostly chew through woodland in the house. Most of the termite’s galleries move parallel to the ground.

Hollow wood – this is when termites eat through your home from the inside out. Wood might look normal from the outside, but it’s infected with termites from the inside. When you begin seeing cracks and fissures showing on the surface of the wood, the damage done is extensive.

Swollen floors or peeling off paints – termites love dark and moist areas. That’s why they love living below the surface of the wood. They bring in moisture in the termite’s galleries. The humidity often causes the wood to swell up.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Walls

Using liquid termite barrier – this is the best method as it kills the termites present in the house and preserves the house well. Pour the chemical around the house or on the house foundation or where it’s infested with termites, and it will automatically poison the termites upon contact with the chemical pesticide. A single application will last long, follow the instruction to know how to use it.

Poison bait – some people take the termite infestation seriously as they don’t love seeing them around, and seeing the galloons makes them uncomfortable. The poison is the best option as it attracts termites then spread the poison to the colony. It’s beneficial, especially for the sub-Saharan termites, and it will wipe out the whole territory. Look at the packaging and read the instruction to know what works for you best.

Direct chemical application – this method of chemical claim is best used outside, and it’s not suitable to use inside the house. It’s the perfect treatment to kill termites as it has the poison transfer effect. It works very fast to kill both sub-Saharan and dry wood termites. One application can last a month.

Finally, talk and consult with your local pest control officer to know what suits you best or hire them to do the job.

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