How to Get Rid Of Termites in Walls

Termites can be a real bother if left unattended; they can devastate your house if ignored. They work in numbers, and it does not take the long to chew through a structural beam, thus leading to extensive damages. Look for a termite inspector regularly to come and inspect the house, arrest the problem as early … Read More

How To Get Rid Of Flying Termites In Your Home

Flying termites are winged termites whose main responsibility in life is creating and reproducing new termite colonies. To find potential mates, the male and female termites will fly away from their nests to identify suitable locations for building new colonies. This article looks at how to get rid of flying termites in your home, from … Read More

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

How long a termite treatment will last vary dependant on the treatment type, the kinds of materials and chemicals used, and who performs the install. That being said though, it is good termite barrier preparation and regular checks that will provide the best protection from damage to your home. Typically most termite treatments where liquid … Read More

5 Ladybug Pest Control Strategies That Work

Ladybug Pest Control Strategies

Ladybugs have long been seen as a great friend to have in your garden. But when there appear in massive numbers, many people look for DIY ladybug pest control strategies to mitigate the infestation. There is a widespread confusion as to whether ladybugs are pests or not, just as the difference between it and the Asian … Read More