Welcome to Better Homesteading, a site built with a real ambition and purpose.

We aim to unite like-minded individuals with a passion to become more self reliant, self sufficient, and to build a homesteading lifestyle, regardless if they live on 100 acres in the country, or on the 34th floor of a tower block.

A homesteading lifestyle is different for everyone, but one of the best things you can ever do to fight back against big corporations, poor food quality, transport related pollution, and to just enhance your life, is to take control of where your food comes from. To grow your own, or source as much of it locally as you can is a massive statement.

It doesn't matter if you are new to homesteading, living off the land, growing your own food and vegetables, harvesting, rearing animals, we at Better Homesteading are here to help.

Welcome again, delighted to have you here on our little site, changing the world one homestead at a time.