3 Point Log Splitter Guide For The Confused

There is nothing more useful to the larger homestead or property than a tractor. And even more useful than the tractor itself is all the really handy hydraulic attachments you can run from it. One of the best is the 3 point log splitter for splitting firewood.

Attaching a wood splitter to the 3-point hitch on a tractor allows you to move a large and powerful firewood splitter to anywhere you need it, regardless of terrain.

There is no doubt that the best log splitter for anyone lucky enough to own a tractor is a 3 point one. Being able to harness the power of your tractor to process firewood makes the high purchase cost of a tractor much more worthwhile as you can power many tools this way.

3 point log splitter facts

Most tractors will have a hitch that can accommodate one of these super useful attachments, allowing you to make use of the hydraulic system that you already own.

This short video shows the Boss tractor mounted splitter in operation, including setup.

What Splitter Types Are There?

There are a variety of splitters on the market today, with the bulk of the units being horizontal or vertical models.

Horizontal Splitter - This type looks similar to the electric and petrol splitters you can purchase at Home Depot for general home use. The log has to be lifted onto the rails, often at between thigh and waist height. This is a problem if you have very large and heavy logs to lift.

Vertical Splitters - These are great because the log is rolled into position and can be left at  ground height. A little manhandling is often all that is needed.

Dual Purpose Splitters - There are a number of these on the market that allow for both horizontal and vertical splitting. This really provides the best of both worlds for the user.

Dual Action Splitters - These allow you to split wood in both directions, really speeding up the time it takes to split. You can split with the ram moving in a forward and reverse direction. This cuts down on the cycle time (the time for a complete cycle of the ram to take place)

3 Point Splitter Drive Options

Tractor PTO Shaft Assembly

There are really a couple of ways to power a 3-point wood splitter. A hydraulic pump as part of the tractor's hydraulic system, or via a power take off (PTO) that is connected to the tractor drive shaft.

Some splitters allow you to use both systems, with a number of hydraulic models allowing you to retro fit them with a PTO kit so that they can be powered this way.

I used to have a small Massey Ferguson when I lived abroad, but never had my own splitter. A friend did though, and was able to split massive volumes of firewood with little effort.

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