Smoking Tips: How To Season A New Smoker

In this article, I'm going to provide you with the specific steps you need to learn how to season a new smoker or grill. The same procedure can be used for seasoning an offset smoker or an electric smoker.

When you buy a new smoker or grill, it is really important as a first step to read the manufacturers instruction when putting your smoker or grill together before seasoning. Ensuring that all fittings and gas lines (if you have gas) are tight and well fitting is really important for safety.

Seasoning a grill or smoker is really no different to how one would go about seasoning a cast iron skillet or Chinese wok. The seasoning process is designed to prevent the inside surfaces from rusting or corroding. Seasoning will also create a relatively non-stick surface for trays and racks.

How to season a new smoker or grill. A Barbecue being seasoned for the first time.

Seasoning A New Smoker Or Grill: Steps

There are a few easy steps to seasoning your smoker for the first time.

Step #1 - Remove the grills, racks and/or grates and wash them in some hot soapy water. Rinse and dry with a lint free cloth or allow to air dry.

This is an important step as many new appliances are covered with a protective layer of oil or some other rust inhibiting substance to prevent rusting or discolouration during the storage or transportation process. This film needs to be removed before seasoning.

Step #2 - Grab a cup of baking grease and a quarter cup of vegetable oil and place into a small saucepan. Take a wide paint brush and paint a thin coat o every internal surface. The grates, racks, trays and all the internal surfaces of the cooking  AND the charcoal compartment. Everything must be coated. Don't forget to coat inside the chimney holes too, no surface should be left uncoated.

Your barbecue or smoker make have a charcoal and a gas side, or may be electric only. Just be sure that all sections are coated ready for the seasoning process to begin.

Step #3 - Once the painting is done, put everything back together ready for the heating process to start.

Step #4 - In the burning section, pile 50 or so charcoal briquettes into a pyramid and fire that bad boy up. Whether you are charcoal only, electric or gas, you are going to heat the smoker up to the max temperature. Let it go for a couple of hours.

Step #5 - Once completed with the first phase, re-oil the baking grills/trays and reheat, let it run for another hour or so.

Note: Ideally, in the charcoal side, let the coals start to turn grey before adding the grills, we want it hot before we start to season them.

How To Cure New Smoker Or Grill Video

Seasoning, often called curing is easy. Here's a helpful video on how to season a new smoker or grill, with some nice commentary. Enjoy!

Whether you have an offset smoker, electric or propane smoker, or even a homemade model, the seasoning process is very similar. It takes little time to prepare, and then a couple of hours of heating.

It's a great way to make your smoker as non-stick as possible, and help you save a ton of time cleaning. I usually re-season my smoker once a year or so, generally at the start of the season, which keeps it in great condition year round.

Happy Seasoning!

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