Instant Pot Vs Crockpot: Which One Is Best?

Instant Pot Vs Crockpot

I’m a massive fan of pressure cooking and slow cooking. I create a lot of tasty meals for friends and family. I often get asked the question: Instant pot vs crockpot, which one is the best?

The Instant Pot has been a real god send when it comes down to producing incredible tasting food, quickly and efficiently with as little actual labor as possible.


My family and I rarely get to spend time together, but when we do we love to cook. It is typically on the weekend when we gather around the table to prepare whatever food we are going to cook. We don’t like to spend a lot of time doing the actual cooking part, preferring to spend time together talking and laughing.

In the past, I’d used a crockpot slow cooker due to its ability to cook large quantities of stews, chilli, soups and pot roasts, these types of meals are so easy to cook in a crock pot.

The only problem is it can take so long that, by the end of one particular day when the food was finally ready to eat, it was time for the relatives to head home. They actually had  to take a bowl of stew home, because it was so late in the day for them to stay and enjoy the meal with me.

That’s a kinda embarrassing story, I’ve always prided myself on being able to prepare food in large quantities, and time it perfectly. On that occasion the meat was chewy and the potato cubes were almost raw…ouch!

Not anymore….  I’d spent some time chatting to my father on Skype (he still lives in Australia), and he ranted on about a pressure cooker that he had bought, his highlight was being able to cook chick peas to perfection in 30 minutes.

I, like him, and a terrible gadget fiend, although I tend to reserve my gadget purchases for items that actually add value to my home. Within days, the ‘man from Amazon’ showed up with an Instant Pot IP Duo 60 pressure cooker and it is awesome. Since getting it almost a year ago, it has seen regular use making bone broth, stews and soups, spaghetti bolognese, curries and much more. I’ve still got the slow cooker, although my son has taken it back to his flat in London. Here are some reasons why I will never look back. It’s been a wonderful addition to our homestead kitchen.

Here’s a little more detail on both.

Instant Pot – What Is It?

The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker so the food gets done so much faster than a crock pot. It really us multifunctional so it can also be used as a slow cooker if you choose to, but the pressure cooking facility reduces times down to minutes rather than hours.The Instant Pot does have more than one model, but the Instant Pot model that he had that day was the IP-DUO60,It has a six quart insert pan that can hold more than enough food for the whole family, and most definitely has a more modern feel than the crock pot slow cooker I’ve used in the past.

There are no worries with the Instant pot just press a button and go it it will play a tune for you when it is done. Seriously it the greatest thing invented since sliced bread. You don’t have to worry about burning your food like you would if you used a stove top pressure cooker and it is so easy to clean because it knows how to cook everything at the perfect time and temperature.

What Is A Crockpot?

A crock pot is a slow cooker, usually with a heavy ceramic bowl and lid, that cooks food at a much lower temperature than an oven would. The idea is to keep nutrients in the food, by using lower temperature cooking and keeping all the juices retained. Slow cooking has been around a long time, and the modern slow cooker is an excellent way to cook healthy food. Since the Instant Pot and similar pressure/slow cookers came on the scene, the slow cooker is becoming a little defunct.

When using a crock pot there are pretty much only three settings high, low, and warm. It is versatile, but within a very narrow scope of functionality. This is where the Instant Pot wins hands down, as it does the same as the crockpot…and much much more.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

instant pot ipduo

Cook And Carry Crockpot


Instant Pot Vs Crockpot: 5 Reasons Why I switched Alliances

It’s A MASSIVE Time Saver

When I used to use a slow cooker for cooking stews, stock, soups or whatever, the fact that it generally needed 6-10 hours cooking time meant that unless the prep was done the night before, I or my wife would have to get up and start sautéing meat and chopping vegetables before we did anything else. If it was a work day, we’d be up at 7 am chopping carrots and cubing potatoes.

It often happened that we just didn’t get it done, so ate something else for dinner. Now, the the pressure cooker, and cooking times reduced from 6+ hours to 35 minutes, we can get home after work and prepare the ingredients then. Throw them in, press a button or two and enjoy a glass of wine.

It’s been a real time saver, and we eat better as a result of it. It’s so easy to make poor food choices when preparation feels like a drag, and a pizza thrown into the oven is the simple option.

It Cooks Things Better Than I Ever Could

I mentioned the chick peas that my Dad ranted about. Well, he was right, it is a true master and cooking pulses and legumes to perfection. But it does so many other things amazingly too. Potatoes? Really? Yep, the Instant Pot cooks potatoes to heavenly perfection….in 10 minutes. I’m taking about potatoes in their skins, loaded in to the top of the stainless steel bowl, and bingo, the creamiest potatoes you’ll ever taste.

You can even hard boil eggs in it! Ever tried hard boiling eggs in a crock pot? 

It’s An Incredible Rice Maker

If you are looking for a truly versatile addition to the kitchen, the Instant Pot pressure cooker is it. Thrown away the rice cooker, it does that too, magnificently. White rice takes around 3 minutes, brown a little longer. It’s perfect for risottos, paella, pilau rice, even throwing the rice straight in with a chicken curry sees a finished meal in around 8 minutes.

The crockpot can’t cook rice like this!

It Makes Yoghurt Too

Did I mention it makes incredible, creamy yoghurt? No? I’m telling you the truth. I used to make yoghurt in a flask, it works great, but the Instant Pot scalds the milk, tells you when to put your yoghurt starter in, and then warms the mix to perfection for incredible yoghurt time after time.

Timed To Perfection

As well as cooking incredible food quickly, the Instant Pot wins over the pressure cooker due to excellent programming functions. You can delay start time, or start it immediately, and it will keep your food warm for you all day.

I spend quite a bit of my day working at home these days, writing articles, nutrition coaching, I even teach some fitness classes at my local gym, but I still love the versatility of the Instant Pot, which a crock put is just unable to provide.

Pros And Cons Of The Instant Pot Vs Crock Pot (Slow Cooker)

Instant Pot
(pressure cooker)


Many Functions - Rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yoghurt maker, ability to saute.

Limited Functions - Does one job well, but only useful for slow cooking

Convenience: Prepare food and walk away, but have the facility to set cooking time and/or finish time. Pressure cooking takes minutes rather than hours.

Convenience: Prepare ingredients, place in slow cooker, turn on and walk away. Cooking takes hours.

Simplicity: Lots of functions and buttons. Not hard to use on the more basic settings, but reading the manual can be useful if you want to get too creative

Simplicity: Slow cookers are generally super simple to use. No timers, just an on off switch and low/high presets. It doesn't get much simpler.

Time: Pressure cookers are super quick, cooking complete meals usually only takes minutes, not hours.

Time: Crockpots take hours to slow cook the food. This isn't a problem if you organize yourself, and manage cooking times with meal timings.

Frozen Foods: The Instant Pot can cook from frozen, the meat is defrosted as the pressure cooker comes up to temperature.

Frozen Food: No cook from frozen facility available.

Can An Instant Pot Replace A Slow Cooker?

In closing the Instant Pot is a great product and if I had a choice (as I clearly do) of Instant Pot Vs Crockpot, I would without a doubt choose it over a crockpot as I was saying before in an instant this truly is an amazing cooking tool and I personal love the Instant Pot its hands down the best on the market and without question the most modern.

A crockpot is a great gadget to have in the kitchen, but since the Instant Pot burst onto the scene, with all it’s additional functionality, the slow cooker is dying a slow and tender death.

Instant Pot Vs Crock Pot Head To Head Video

instant pot ipduo

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Instant Pot IP DUO60 7-in1 Multi Use Pressure Cooker

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