Breville Fast Slow Cooker vs The Instant Pot Duo: Head To Head

If you're anything like me, you’re always looking to make sure that you get the best value product when you make a purchase.

Nobody wants to spend their money on the second best,  but we also have to be mindful of our time dedicated to research, and at some point we have to dip our hands into our pockets and make the purchase.

This is definitely the case when purchasing kitchen gadgets and other white goods. With so many options, making a decision becomes a real dilemma.

The two models I'm going to be covering all the Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker and Instant Pot IP DUO series of pressure cookers.

Breville Fast Slow Cooker vs Instant Pot. Steam from pressure cooker quick release seen here.

When it comes to small appliances, there is often not a lot of difference between the top models, and pressure cookers are no different. The functionality does very little between the top brands, but we often don't know exactly what we looking for (or even need), or which function is worth getting and which ones don't really matter.

I've written this article to get to the bare-bones details on a couple of the top pressure cookers on the market today. My aim is to make it really easy for you to choose between the two models and select the best pressure cooker for your needs.

By the end of this article you'll know exactly what each one can do, and where each one falls down. Hopefully this knowledge should help you to make your buying decision. It's a head to head between the Breville fast slow cooker vs Instant Pot, which one will leave victorious as the best electric pressure cooker?

If you've done any research you'll know that the newer Instant Pot IP DUO60 is around 50% of the price of the Breville pressure cooker, and it does a ton more stuff than the older IP DUO model used to do.

Important Differences Between The Instant Pot And The Breville

Yoghurt Making - Instant Pot DUO series of pressure cookers allowed to make yoghurt with a pretty swanky overnight function, the Fast Slow Pro does not have this functionality, which is a shame for a machine that costs almost $250.

Program Selection -  one thing I really like about the Instant Pot is that it does have buttons that you can press to make your selections. The Breville pressure cooker relies on turn the board Dials and an LCD display which some people like, but others find it fiddly and awkward.

Steam Release - The Breville Fast Slow Pro uses an automatic steam release valve, the Instant Pot IP DUO series have a manual steam release that you can use at the end of a cooking cycle.  Instant Pot will release steam slowly under control, but if you're impatient like me and want to open the pot quickly, then there is a pressure release knob you have to turn, which results in quite a frightening sound.

Variable Pressure Selection - The Breville allows you to select internal pressure settings between 1-12PSI, this is not available on the Instant Pot, which has low pressure (slow cooker) and high pressure (pressure cooking) functions only.

Where The Instant Pot DUO Wins Over The Breville Fast Slow Pro

Take a few moments to look at what the IP DUO60 has to offer, in this short promotional video from Instant Pot.

The Strong Points

  1. 24 hour delay timer is a great advantage for setting meal cooking times to align with your lifestyle and other commitments
  2. Excellent yogurt making facility.
  3. Less expensive than the Fast Slow Pro, but exceptionally well featured.
  4. Dual pressure setting allow for high pressure rapid cooking and low pressure slow cooking, great for stews and bone broth etc.
  • The Weak Points
    1. Slightly confusing interface, pays to read the manual for the first few cook times. After that, it's a breeze.
    2. Silicon lid seal prone to retaining smells, is dishwasher friendly though.
  • Instant Pot IP DUO60 Pressure Cooker Specifications
    As I mentioned, there is only one high pressure option, the FSP has adjustable pressure.

Instant Pot available in a variety of sizes.

  • The IP-DUO50
    • 900 Watts
    • 5 Quart Pot
  • The IP-DUO60
    • 1000 Watts
    • 6 Quart Pot
  • The IP-DUO80
    • 1200 Watts
    • 8 Quart Pot

    Where the Breville Fast Slow Pro wins over the Instant Pot DUO

    Before we dive in, let's enjoy a quick review of the Fast Slow Pro with English chef Heston Blumenthal.

    The Strong Points

    1. Additional safety features. Hands-free steam release may reduce the risk of scalding, although for anybody with a modicum of common sense this really isn't an issue for Instant Pot users.
    2. Nice LCD digital interface with  Dials to help you scroll through the settings.
    3. Adjustable pressure setttings from 1-12 psi.
    4. 11 auto cook function for easy setup and a really good user manual.
    5. Automatic keep warm function which allows you to prepare food, go out to work, and come home to piping hot dinners.

    The Weak Points

    1. The Fast Slow Pro is pretty pricey when compared to the Instant Pot
    2. The cooking pot is reported to retain food odors by some users.

    Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker Specifications

    As I mentioned, there is only one option here:

    The Fast Slow Pro BPR700SS1

    • 1100 Watts
    • 6 Quart CookingPot
    • Cool-Touch safety handle to prevent burns
    • 3-way safety system inc locking lid, hands free steam release and safety valve

    View the Breville Fast Slow Pro on Amazon Here

    Conclusion And Summary

    Both of these pressure cookers are really quite excellent for the modern household period they have great functionality.  if you're looking for a sleek modern looking machine with a nice LCD interface then the Fast Slow Pro may be the model for you.

    The Instant Pot doesn't look quite as modern but does have some extra functionality like a delayed cooking start time and yoghurt making facility. Both allow you to use a ‘ set and forget’  style of cooking which is great for the busy family with parents working.

    If you're looking for a less expensive option then there is no doubt that the Instant Pot IP DUO series is going to be a better choice as it is half the price of the Breville model.

     when push comes to shove, I'll happily recommend either of these models but being something of a skinflint,  and enjoying my yoghurt,  I chose the Instant Pot IP DUO and have had a love affair with it ever since.

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