A Millet Hull Pillow Could Transform Your Sleep

Has your pillow seen better days? 

Or perhaps you suffer from allergy triggered sleep apnea or wake up often with a stiff neck?

It has been suggested by the National Sleep Foundation that if your pillow does not spring back once folded in half, then you ought to consider replacing it. Proper support for your head ensures you use a proper sleeping posture. This reduces chances of snoring or a sore neck in the morning.

If  you are in the market for a new pillow, then you owe it to yourself to buy a durable, healthier support to give you the best night's rest you can. One of the best options is the millet hull pillow route.

Hull pillows made from organic millet or buckwheat are really gaining some traction in the West, having been used in Japan for a long time. There are a ton of great reasons to get one, and I'll be covering them in this article. Read on!

A pillow with a millet hull background

Once the groat - beneficial part of millet, is extracted, millet hulls remain as a byproduct. These hulls can be used to fill up a pillow.

The organic fill is usually paired with an organic inner pillow, made with hemp and cotton and a cotton outer case.

Features Of Organic Millet Pillows

The fragrant (initially), pliable pillow that can support your head for up to a decade, is packed with millet. Millet has tiny, smooth, round hulls that allow them to distribute better than buckwheat. This means they make no noise as you turn. Moreover, the pillows are softer and velvetier than their buckwheat counterparts.

Hull pillows come highly recommended for their neck and back support. Individuals who tend to sweat a lot at night need not have a damp pillow anymore thanks to the nature of millet hulls. The hull shape allows the pillow to “breathe” air flow which stops the pillow surface from becoming soaked with sweat.

The millet hull never compacts or deform in any way. This implies that your pillow never develops a sad looking sag. Hulls are soft and regular shaped enough that your pillow will usually not require an extra layer of wool batting.

Benefits Of Using Millet Pillows

  • Easy to customize, by allowing addition or removal of millet hull.
  • The pillow is hypo-allergic, unlike traditional foam pillows. This would even be recommended for individuals who suffer from allergy caused sleep apnea.
  • Quieter and is easier to shape than buckwheat pillows thanks to the smaller sized round hulls.
  • Fragrant from the natural millet smell. This can, however, be customized to a different smell by incorporating essential oils such as lavender, citrus, and balsam fir into the millet hulls.
  • Unlike foam pillows made from pollutant chemicals, hull filled pillows are environmentally friendly, organic and renewable. Mostly, the plants are grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Come disposal time, it does not harm the environment either.

Drawbacks To Millet Pillow Use

  • Not everyone is a fan of the millet smell. This, however, does reduce with everyday use.
  • The shape of the hulls means they give maybe a little too easily for some. For those who like a bit of rigidity, you might have to fluff your pillow a bit more often.
  • Circulates air and heat a little less efficiently than buckwheat. 

Some Of The Best Millet Pillows

1. Bean Products Standard 20“ x 25“ Millet Pillow

This fully organic pillow has a cotton twill shell with a zipper hidden on the side. As with buckwheat pillows, this makes it customizable.

The pillows are usually zippered to allow the addition of millet hulls  into your pillow, making it much firmer, or removal of hulls to make it flatter, which is essential for back and stomach position sleepers.

By providing cervical support, users reduce chances of lower back and neck aches. Additionally, the hulls prevent heat from building up to uncomfortable levels.

Constant airflow keeps the pillow cool while in use.

This therapeutic travel pillow is stuffed with Bucky’s blend of buckwheat and millet. By combining benefits derived from both hulls, you get a pillow that breathes, cools, supports better and is silky soft than a single hull-type pillow.

Bucky millet and buckwheat pillow

The travel sized, 14“ x 11“ pillow is a perfect companion while on the go. It provides premium comfort and support while resting. You will also not compromise on sleeping comfort while at a sleepover across town.

Bucky’s millet and buckwheat are grown free of pesticides and fertilizers, making the pillows hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It has a 100% cotton cover which can be removed and machine-washed.

Equally good for lumbar support, the millet hull filled pillow conforms to the contours of your body giving neck support. As with other millet pillows, Sachi pillows are also temperate and as such do not heat up in the summer heat nor become too cold in the winter.

It features a patented design with two chambers that are squared at the corner. According to the manufacturer, this provides you with better body alignment.

Addition of natural wool makes the handmade pillows extra soft and ever so velvety to sleep on. The pillow is a handy sleeping solution to a side sleeping individual.

Tips To Keep Your Millet Pillow In Great Condition

Proper care will keep your pillow in service for many years to come. Top tips include:

  • When shopping for a millet and buckwheat pillowcase to fill at home, always go for cases that layer both hulls.The layered approach allows better support for your neck and body alignment.
  • Do not use tight cases. It is recommended that loose cases are used to allow the hulls to freely move.
  • To clean millet hull pillows, start by emptying all the hulls into a large container. Invert the case and machine wash in cold water (cotton shrinks in hot water). Air dry the case. Spread hulls under shade to air dry them as well if they develop odors from being sullied. When both are dry, carefully pour back hulls into the case.

Millet Pillows Vs Buckwheat Pillows

Millet And Buckwheat For Pillows

Buckwheat husks are larger and more coarse than millet hulls, making them somewhat noisier when you lie on them.

Some people find the extra rustling a little distracting. Millet hulls, being so much smaller, trap considerably less air so are much quieter when in use.

Alternatives To Millet - Buckwheat Pillows Still Rock!

A great alternative to sleeping on millet hull pillows is using a buckwheat pillow. These are heavier than millet hull filled pillows but are neck and neck in terms of benefits and shortcomings.

Buckwheat has larger irregularly shaped, triangular hulls which in turn allows it to trap more air. This usually makes the pillows the go-to choice for men. You can nonetheless expect the pillow to rustle as you turn. Some great buckwheat pillows include:

1. Zen Chi Buckwheat King Size (20“ x 36”)Pillow

The pillow promotes better sleep that even relieves aches and pains emanating from muscular tension and stress by improving head, neck and spine positioning. Zen Chi’s pillow is also odor-free.

2. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

The standard sized pillow also ships with a free pillow protective cover. This is necessary as the pillow is not machine washable unlike most in this list. It will, therefore, require being protected from accidental spills, dirt, and oils.

3. Qbedding Cotton Quilted PiloMio Buckwheat Pillow

The queen sized (19“ x 29”) has a removable pillowcase and 7 pounds of buckwheat hulls. The removable cotton pillowcase is enhanced by adding quilted stitching.


Proper restorative sleep is essential for each one of us. Having the correct basics ticked off on the basics list ensures you are on your way to well deserved, undisturbed rest.

Millet pillows can all be height adjusted making them suitable for all sleeping positions. to check on snoring and relieve sleep apnea triggered by allergies.

If you're looking for the best night sleep of your life, these Japanese style pillows are definitely worth giving a shot! I'll never go back to my memory foam one!

Sleep Well!!

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