All You Need To Know About The Bokashi Composting Method

Vegetable scraps for the Bokashi composting method

The Bokashi composting method is an anaerobic method of fermenting biodegradable kitchen waste into a finished compost that can be used to provide nutrition to plants.The difference that sets the Bokashi method apart from other forms of composting is that apart from being anaerobic (it does not require oxygen for the composting process to occur), … Read More

Beginner’s DIY Guide To Making Organic Compost At Home (Composting 101)

Composting improves garden soil, increases plant health, can help reduce disease and pest attack, and is good for the environment. Here’s how to do it. Composting! The mystical art of turning kitchen scraps, leaves, grass cuttings and twigs into the elixir of life for plants. So many methods, so many options. In this article, I’m … Read More

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