Organic Soil Amendments And Conditioners For A Thriving Vegetable Garden

A hand holding a sandy soil with little organic matter in it

Unless you are supremely lucky, most people end up with a garden where the soil is not to their liking. It’s either too sandy, has too much clay, it’s impossible to dig, nothing grow properly. Meh! Most gardeners, whether they are looking to grow incredible flowers, herbs or vegetables, will need to add soil amendments to … Read More

How To Make A Homemade Bokashi Bucket Compost Bin

Homemade Bokashi Bucket

Bokashi composting is a fantastic way to compost food scraps from your kitchen in an easy, affordable and convenient way. The cool thing about the Bokashi system is that meat, dairy, bread, and a range of other ‘non-compostable’ items can be composted using this system. Why? Because traditional compost making takes place in the presence of … Read More