How To Start Modern Homesteading, And Why You Should

Modern Homesteading In Australia

Modern homesteading? What on earth is that? It’s an exclamation that I’ve heard a lot recently. It tends to happen every time an age old idea or concept makes a comeback or experiences a renaissance. Maybe we should be calling it Homesteading 2.0!Homesteading has been around a long time, and the concept has evolved. What … Read More

The Joy Of Micro Homesteading In A Small Space?

micro homesteading

There are many trials and tribulations when living on a small scale mini farm. Micro homesteading is challenging, but the joys and rewards are far-reaching indeed. I owned what I would call a ‘micro-homestead’ while living in rural Australia between 2005 – 2010. 4 1/2 acres of rich, loamy soil in a beautiful valley that … Read More

Is Apartment Homesteading In The City Worth The Trouble?

apartment homesteading

Live in the city? Love where you live, the hustle and bustle, the efficient public transport system, the 24-hour shopping, the theatres, cinemas and other benefits of city living? But still yearn self-sufficiency, organic food, being more self-reliant? Apartment homesteading in the city is a growing (and thriving) sub-culture of people who love city life … Read More

How To Start Homesteading From Scratch With No Money

how to start homesteading from scratch with no money

Is homesteading still a  viable option for those desiring a simpler, more natural life? The answer is YES, but with some qualifications.This article will discuss how to start homesteading from scratch with no money, and if it’s even possible. I’m going to suggest that it definitely IS, but the new homesteader needs to start small, … Read More

How To Start A Homesteading Farm [Ultimate Guide]

What Is Homesteading And How To Get Started

The Question –  What Is Homesteading And A Homesteading Farm? Ask one hundred people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers… well, 87 at least! There are so many different viewpoints on the theme that expecting a single definition is folly. Even the online ‘definition’ sites can’t agree. Wikipedia’s definition of homesteading says: “Homesteading is a … Read More