Electric Wood Splitters Pros And Cons – A Buyers Guide

Man operating an electric wood splitter with split logs and a wheelbarrow being used to transport

Buying anything without some background knowledge and doing some due diligence generally ends up in a poor buying decision!This obviously rings true for you, as it does for me too. I’ve made a ton of poor purchasing decisions in the past, but with this article in which I’ll provide you with a detailed list of … Read More

Choosing The Best Wood Splitting Maul – A Buyers Guide

One of the best splitting mauls with head embedded in a log

For the firewood aficionado, the man or woman who likes to keep things real and enjoys some good, sweaty hard graft, the splitting maul is the perfect tool for splitting logs into fire-sized chunks of combustible goodness. A splitting maul (often referred to as a sledge axe, block buster or even splitting axe), if I hadn’t … Read More