Beginner’s DIY Guide To Making Organic Compost At Home (Composting 101)

Composting improves garden soil, increases plant health, can help reduce disease and pest attack, and is good for the environment. Here’s how to do it. Composting! The mystical art of turning kitchen scraps, leaves, grass cuttings and twigs into the elixir of life for plants. So many methods, so many options. In this article, I’m … Read More

Hydroponic Herb Gardening – A Guide To Growing Fresh Hydroponic Herbs

hydroponic herb garden

Hydroponic herb gardening is becoming extremely popular, not just with the hippies growing marijuana in their lofts, but for the food grower who wants to extend the growing season in their locality or grow healthier herbs and vegetables by maximizing nutrients to the roots of their plants. I’ve grown plants hydroponically for a couple of … Read More