12 Pros And Cons Of Electric Lawn Mowers That You NEED To Know

An electric lawn mower with the pros and cons of a plastic body and an adjustable cut height

Thinking of buying a new lawnmower? Electric, gas, ride on, human-powered? There are many options, but in this article, I’m going to consider the pros and cons of electric lawn mowers. Why? Because I have owned many of them since becoming an adult some 32 years ago.My relationship with them has been something of a … Read More

Manual Push Reel Mower Vs Electric Rotary Mower – An Old Dude’s Experience

Manual push reel mower versus electric rotary mower

Having recently bought a manual push reel mower as a replacement for my electric rotary mower, and having used it for a couple of months over the summer, I thought it might be nice to do a little review and share my experiences of a manual push reel mower versus an electric rotary mower.This isn’t … Read More

How To Mow A Lawn With A Self Propelled Reel Mower

self propelled reel mower

The self propelled reel mower has not undergone a lot of changes since they were first introduced almost 200 years ago. The only difference between now and then is the fact that it has become lighter, manufactured from more modern materials,  and come in different cutting widths. I’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of … Read More