Beginner’s DIY Guide To Making Organic Compost At Home (Composting 101)

Composting improves garden soil, increases plant health, can help reduce disease and pest attack, and is good for the environment. Here’s how to do it. Composting! The mystical art of turning kitchen scraps, leaves, grass cuttings and twigs into the elixir of life for plants. So many methods, so many options. In this article, I’m … Read More

How To Start A Homesteading Farm [Ultimate Guide]

What Is Homesteading And How To Get Started

The Question –  What Is Homesteading And A Homesteading Farm? Ask one hundred people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers… well, 87 at least! There are so many different viewpoints on the theme that expecting a single definition is folly. Even the online ‘definition’ sites can’t agree. Wikipedia’s definition of homesteading says: “Homesteading is a … Read More