About Me

Hi there!

I'm Steve, a.k.a Homesteading Steve, and would you believe it, I'm actually a REAL person.

Yep, not some persona that a 20 year old psychology student from Delhi or a 37 year old housewife from Delaware is using to give an interesting and optimal face to the Better Homesteading website (not that I really look that optimal do I?)

Anyway, I'm delighted to meet you, and thought that just for fun, I'd tell you a little about myself and my life, and how I got into all these homesteading shenanigans.

SO here goes, most of my life condensed into a page.

Born in 1968, this makes me 49 years old at the moment, married with two lovely children aged 19 and 16. I’m a lucky guy, but I often don’t realise it. You might be the same?

I spent a lot of my working life in the fire service, before moving to Australia in  2005, going to university, buying a 4 1/2 acre plot of land with an old weatherboard farm house on it, and started living 'the good life'.

I became super passionate about homesteading, self sufficiency, permaculture and pretty much everything to do with being healthy and more self reliant.

Growing my own food became important to me, and I took a Permaculture Design Certificate course with a wonderful woman called Rosemary Morrow. I met some great people, who became close friends.

Whilst in Oz, I ran a lot, some amazing National Parks with incredible trails beside gorges and waterfalls. Awesome. I’d head out on my own in shoes and shorts, a hydration backpack on, and run a trail for an hour or so, jump in the car and head home.

Here's some photos of myself and my family (including some of our animals) while living at 350 Puddledock Road, Armidale, NSW :-0

Living in Australia was good in many ways, although missing home started to become an issue. I got more and more interested in health, fitness, and lifestyle design, wondering how to be the best version of me I could be.

My passion for a simple lifestyle and wholesome food has never waned, even after moving back to England in 2010.

We now live in a wonderful, rural village not far from Bridport, West Dorset. It's amazingly scenic, in the hills within minutes, and the beach is only 10 minutes away.

I'm fermenting food, growing tons of fruit and vegetables, and generally enjoying the 'local food' culture that permeates through the local area.

Thanks for taking the time to read out my journey, please hand around and share your journey with me. Be awesome to get to know you (in a friendly, but non-creepy way of course).